The LINK NGNC Ramps V2

2 min readFeb 12, 2024


Exciting news! We’ve made lots of changes to both the front and back ends, based on feedback from users, developers, and designers. While we couldn’t address everything in this upgrade, we’re working on it! Stay tuned for some cool updates, including support for more networks like Stellar, Solana, and Avalanche.

A brief overview for newcomers: (LINK NGNC Ramps) is essentially a platform facilitating the buying and selling of Polygon NGNC with the Nigerian Naira via bank transfers. You can also access our ramps on DFX.

Under the hood

We’ve changed the way request are processed by rebuilding our back-end server using the latest technologies to improve processing time, reduce vulnerabilities and yes speaking of security we’ve implemented validators for bank accounts and wallet addresses. Yeah, we check for everything. 😊

An Improved UI

On the front-end, it gets better, we’ve given the ramps a fresh look, reworked the Buy & Sell processes, simplified the login process, Streamlined our KYC process just to name a few:

The Login Process:

No passwords needed! Just your email and a 6-digit code sent to your email for login. Same for first-time users!

Input Validators:

Recall I mentioned validators? They’re now visible on the UI, reducing typos and errors.

Simplified KYC:

The updated KYC process streamlines verification. Simply provide an ID (like BVN, NIN, Voters Card, or Driver’s License) and its corresponding number, and you’re all set.

Remember, your feedback got us here so keep sending, even if not all of it are flattering 😂. Nonetheless, we value it all and believe your experience will be even better now. Cheers! 🎉

Tansi Jones — Senior Developer, LINK




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