LINK P2P is now WAVY

LINK P2P is now WAVY

Few months ago we launched the LINK peer-to-peer platform to allow users move money in and out of Africa in record time.

The P2P platform was built as a POC (Proof of Concept) of how web3 infrastructure could be used in solving the longest running problems in cross border payments. Being a POC means it was limited in scope and meant to perform specific use-cases and to really understand customer pain points.

Over this period, the user growth exceeded our expectations with over 55k+ users on our waitlist as well as limited users on our live transaction tests (>xxm in TVL) leveraging what we’ve built thus far.

We believe it’s time we take advantage of everything we’ve learnt and iterated over the past couple of months to bring you WAVY: a web3 super app for the world (🤐). Trust us you’ll love it😉, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing your feedbacks once it’s live!

In this transition phase, we would halt new signups on the LINK P2P Platform and won’t be making any new updates except taking transfers back up (in/out of Nigeria 🇳🇬). Current users aren’t affected as they would still be able to use the platform to perform transfers, card payments and would be transferred to WAVY once it’s live. Current users can still Log in here.

As we look forward towards opening WA/VY, we would be gifting out “MGH NFTs” as well as rewards in stablecoins on completing tasks on our Discord channel. Looking forward to bringing you more updates.

The LINK Team 💙



web3 Cross Border payments Infrastructure for Africa

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