LINK Launches Powerful Payment Solutions in Brazil

2 min readMay 20, 2024


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We are pleased to announce the launch of our payment features in Brazil. Adding the Brazilian Real (BRL) to LINK Business allows companies around the world to effortlessly collect and make payments in stablecoins or fiat currency locally with PIX or bank transfers.

This opens doors to a wider range of business possibilities, including making payments to employees and customers, creating a more streamlined and cost-effective way of expanding in the country.

Get full control over your finances with an easy-to-use treasury panel. Enjoy the convenience of instant deposits using PIX, Brazil’s popular instant payment system, or BRL-indexed stablecoins, BRLA and BRZ.

What does that mean for businesses?

Simplified Payments:

No more waiting days or weeks for your money. LINK Business offers same-day settlements, ensuring you receive your funds on the same business day of your transactions.

Send payments to anyone in Brazil instantly, using your PIX key, bank details or wallet address.

Seamless integration for business growth:

Seamlessly integrate our API or SDK into your existing systems, with integrated compliance and customer service, expand to the Brazilian market effortlessly.

Unequal Exchange Rates without Hidden Rates:

Get access to highly competitive and bespoke exchange rates, ensuring the best value for your money. Buy and sell BRL or BRL-linked stablecoins directly through LINK Business. This would grant your company access to more than 256 currency pairs through OTC, providing flexibility and adaptability for your international transactions.

Better rates compared to other platforms

LINK Business is committed to empowering your business with the tools and services you need to increase your business revenue, build seamless payment experiences, and drive operations at lower costs.

LINK Business allows you to use cases such as local inbound and outbound ramps, freelance work, global settlements and treasury, DeFi wallets, SMEs, global payroll, remittances, etc, B2B payments and more.

Choose LINK Business for your expansion in Brazil here.

Michael Evarist — Marketing Lead, LINK




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