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4 min readSep 30, 2021

Exactly one year ago I had received cash from Nigeria in Turkish Lira and then realized that I had lost exactly 33.4% of my cash in Value, okay let me break it down, lets assume you had about 80,000 Naira and wanted to swap it for US Dollar, according to today’s exchange rate you should get roughly $195.24 (LOL) I’m sure that’s the reaction because in your reality today what you would get actually runs between $97 — $140 as at Today, meaning that even before you made your transfer you lost 31%-50% of your Cash and this is the case for over 100 Million Nigerians and over a billion Africans globally. This incident alone drove I and my Co-Founder Marvel alongside some superstars in building LINK.

Google. NGNUSD Exchange Rate as at 30/09/2021

I know, I know for some of you that have followed us for a couple of months we had promised to Launch on two separate dates but had to further push the dates, but this was majorly as a result of us scaling our system to work for every customer from Day 1, actually, we had a successful private beta program, got into a hackathon and now we’ve decided to go LIVE! from November 4th, it's been a while coming but sit tight, there’s still much you need to know about us.

Who We Are

LINK is the Fastest and Cheapest way of receiving Cash from Africa. We allow users to swiftly swap their Local Currency for a Foreign one.

We are a Cross Border payment platform for the next billion Africans in a Faster and Cheaper way.

LINK is up to 56% Cheaper in some cases cheaper than Banks, Bureau de Change, P2P Exchange agents(Aboki/Dollar Guy 😎), Currency exchange platforms as well as those powered by Crypto.

We are on a mission to solve the One Sided Remittance market problem in Africa due to the rigid system in high fees, poor/multiple exchange rates, and slow settlement times by building the Most Global Cross Border payments Platform for Africa.

On the other side of the One-Sided remittance market is the almost non-existent platforms for outbound transfers from Africa not only to the continent.

At our core we believe in convenience and we believe if cross border transfers are not cheap then it’s not convenient and if its not close to or at the real exchange rate you see on Google/XE then its not Cheap.

We also are on a mission to make this Transfers Cheap, Transparent and eventually free.

What we’ve been productively building

We are more than an Exchange Service, we are building a structure that allows ease of cross-border payment from Africa to the world. Building a Global Cash Transfer Service for Africans takes a lot of attention to the slightest details and use cases, we used the last several months to listen to you (our user) directly and indirectly and it would be reflected on our platform in the next couple of days, weeks, months and years.

Problem: Poor Exchange rates, slow settlement times and high fees.

Our Solution: The LINK Currency Exchange Converter offers you rates closest to the Mid-market (Google/Reuters) rate. Check it out here

No need to go on a search for FX, you can do it in the most efficient and convenient way and save money at the same time.

Top Secret 💼 below , includes the other problems and our unique global solutions to be deployed in the next couple of months.

Top Secret 💼

How we work and our coverage

1. Signup on LINK
2. Verify your Identity in seconds
3. Tell us how much you want to send or convert
4. Where are you sending from, this can also mean the country where the payment Bank account is domiciled.
5. Pick Recipients Country, if you are in
Nigeria and you want to swap your Naira (NGN) for US Dollar (USD) all you need to do is choose Nigeria as your recipient Country.
6. Choose your delivery method (how do you want to receive your Cash).
7. Pay for your Transfer through our various Channels.
8. Track your Transfer via the Mail you provided.

That Simple.

As at Launch we power Payments/Exchange from Nigeria (NGN):

a. to Nigeria (USD) Route.

b. to Northern Cyprus (USD,EUR,GBP,TRY) Route.

c. to the United Kingdom (GBP,EUR) Route.

d. to Turkey (USD,EUR,TRY) Routes.

and more coming, tell us where you would love to see us launch.

So what are you waiting for, join thousands in making the most of their Cash. Ahead!

For more info Check our FAQ Page




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